Energy Renewables 23 May, 2019 11:00 am   
COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

Mikkelsen: Denmark’s energy policy will not change after the election

Denmark is determined to develop offshore. The question arises about prices and stability of supply. These are relatively low and the stability is high. Companies like Google are based in Denmark, precisely because of the access to stable energy sources, said Ole Egberg Mikkelsen, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark, at the Baltic Wind Industry Forum.

He stressed that the Danish plans for the development of energy will not change, regardless of the upcoming elections.

He added that in the next two years there will be a connection of electricity networks in the Baltic and the region, as well as that offshore wind farms will provide Denmark with more and more energy. – The Kriegers Flak project carried out off the coast of Denmark will give us an additional seven percent of the energy consumed by the economy – said the ambassador.

He stressed that the Baltic Sea will be the place where a new gas transport corridor will be created. – The decision about Baltic Pipe was made a few months ago and the work is already underway. For Denmark, the emergence of this gas pipeline is beneficial. Gas consumption is falling in our country, and the importance of biogas as a competitive source is growing. We want to use only the second one by 2035 – Mikkelsen said. Therefore, the Baltic Pipe, running through Denmark, will serve to spread this raw material. – Poland can take advantage of this project, because gas from Norway will replace more emissive carbon, and the gas also works well with renewable energy – Mikkelsen argued.

He also mentioned the finalized project of the Viking undersea cable with Great Britain. – It is an important connection for Denmark and Great Britain. It will help with the stabilization of energy prices and the security of its supply. – It is also a good direction for Poland and the Baltic so that Poland could build such a regional connection and stabilize energy and supply prices – he concluded.