Polish Briefing 5 October, 2018 9:00 am   
COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

Polish Briefing: Clean Air in progress. Morawiecki to discuss LNG in the US

What goes on in Poland on the 5th of October.

Clean Air won’t come tomorrow, but there is progress

The regulation implementing fuel quality standards will introduce effective control on coal storage. A specific CBA (Central Anticorruption Bureau – ed.) is  being created – says Piotr Woźny, the Prime Minister’s plenipotentiary for the Clean Air program, in an interview for

– Although some people would like more radical solutions, we still have a clear date for the withdrawal of the lowest quality fine coal fines from the retail trade thanks to the compromise. It can not be done tomorrow, but there is progress – said Woźny. The quality certificate will be obligatory and in this way we arm the use of anti-smog resolutions, and local governments get strength.

– We give money and competences to the Trade Inspection and the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection. A fragment of reality so far uncontrolled will have dedicated officials. Occasional and incidental controls will be replaced by regular work of people who will come to work every day to control the quality of fuel sold in warehouses. Thus, one can talk about a specific coal Central Anticorruption Bureau, whose regular work will deter them from recidivism of pathology – said the plenipotentiary for the Clean Air program in an interview for

The prime minister in the USA can talk about LNG supplies

The Polish Prime Minister will visit the United States. One of the talks may be LNG deliveries from the USA to Poland.

The Chancellery of the Prime Minister informs that on October 4 the head of the Council of Ministers Mateusz Morawiecki will visit the United States. His visit was preceded by talks between the president of the ruling party Law and Justice Jaroslaw Kaczynski and US ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher.

LNG deliveries from the USA to Poland have so far reached the spot contract in June 2017. Due to the high cost of deliveries, driven by the growing demand in Asia, the supply of liquefied gas may be periodically less attractive than the alternatives available to Poland. Although LNG imports to Poland are growing, supplies from Russia are growing even faster, the attractiveness of which grows despite the increase in oil prices on which the price in the so-called price depends on the Yamal contract.

5,5 bcm from the USA?

Nevertheless, PGNiG is preparing to sign long-term contracts that have already been preceded by agreements on framework delivery conditions with Port Arthur LNG, a subsidiary of Sempra LNG & Midstream. PGNiG reports that as part of the long-term contracts being prepared, it will have more than 4 million tonnes of American LNG annually by 2022, or approximately 5,5 bcm after regasification.

The price has been the barrier for assigning contracts with Americans. The Poles signaled that it must be attractive for the contract to be concluded.