Energy LNG 18 July, 2017 9:00 am   
Editorial staff

Naimski: big chance for more LNG from America 

“Poland is capable of importing significant volumes of LNG from the United States. The expansion of the LNG terminal is Świnoujście will allow us to do that,” assessed Piotr Naimski, the Government Plenipotentiary for Strategic Energy Infrastructure.

He also pointed that currently PGNiG imports ca. 3 bcm of gas annually on the basis of long-term contracts and the terminal will be able to accept 7.5 bcm of gas once it’s expanded. “This is an additional 4 bcm of capacity at the terminal, so we have something to talk about,” Naimski told the Polish Press Agency on Saturday.

“It is easy to notice that there is space to talk about new contracts. Those may be spot or medium-term agreements. Currently PGNiG is in talks with US companies and there is a significant chance that the outcome will be positive and we will buy the gas,” he added.

He also pointed to the fact that the gas contracts with US stakeholders would be carried out within the next few years because the majority of infrastructure that enables LNG export on the US East Coast is currently under construction.

During his visit to Warsaw, President Donald Trump declared that the US was ready to help Poland and other European countries to diversify their energy providers. The Polish President, Andrzej Duda said, among others, that both countries were determined to pursue cooperation regarding LNG. The Polish president also added that he hoped that the ongoing negotiations would end in signing a long-term contract for US LNG deliveries to the LNG terminal in Świnoujście.

At the beginning of June the first US LNG delivery reached the President Lech Kaczyński LNG Terminal in Świnoujście.

Polish Press Agency