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COMMENTS: Marcin Karwowski

New PM promises to honor military equipment contracts

Patriot deployment to Turkey Patriot System in Turkey. Picture by U.S. Department of Defense.Gaziantep, Turkey, Feb. 4, 2013, during a visit from U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Ashton B. Carter, not shown. U.S. and NATO Patriot missile batteries and personnel deployed to Turkey in support of NATO?s commitment to defending Turkey?s security during a period of regional instability. (DoD photo by Glenn Fawcett/Released)

Poland’s new Prime Minister had an expose today. One of the topics he talked about were the contracts for the army signed by the previous government. He also introduced the new Minister of National Defense and talked about his political plans.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk spoke about his political plans. His government is not to break contracts for military equipment concluded by Mateusz Morawiecki’s government. At the same time, the new Prime Minister noted, this would not apply to contracts in which corruption will be discovered.

“Civilian oversight of the military is primarily about the consistent arming of the Polish Army. With respect to all commitments and contracts made by our predecessors. Excluding situations of a corrupt nature [ … ] the Polish army will be well armed, also with the help of our allies,” stressed Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

The Minister of National Defense in Tusk’s government will be Władysław Kosiniak-Kamysz, who will also serve as deputy prime minister.

“We want to have a full-fledged politician at the head of this ministry. Young buy unusually experienced,” Tusk described his pick.

In his expose Tusk stressed that the new government would protect borders, especially the external borders of the European Union. To this end, Poland should cooperate within international structures, including NATO.

“An individual state cannot face the climate disaster or the migration crisis on its own. The United States is not able to cope with migratory pressure, and it is a slightly larger country than Poland. I want Poland to be able to take joint responsibility for the protection of European borders and European territory,” the new PM stressed.

Donald Tusk made it clear that he planned to support Ukraine against the invasion of Russia. He also stressed that in the event of political differences, he intended to conduct a cordial and friendly, but nevertheless assertive policy.