Polish Briefing 9 January, 2019 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: The pressure is increasing, but Germany is not blocking Nord Stream 2

What goes on in Poland on the 9th of January.

The pressure is increasing, but Germany is not blocking Nord Stream 2

The Bloomberg agency states that the coalitions of German Chancellor Angela Merkel are under pressure from US President Donald Trump and are increasingly criticizing the contested Nord Stream 2 project. Despite this, the German government, instead of blocking the project, promotes negotiations with Ukraine and Russia.

The project assumes the construction of a new gas pipeline from Russia to Germany with a capacity of 55 billion cubic meters annually is criticized by growing circles in Berlin. Nils Schmidt from SPD, despite the support of his party for Nord Stream 2, admits that politicians have failed to take into account the geopolitical factor, i.e. its impact on Ukraine, which may lose some gas transmission revenues in favor of the German route, which may jeopardize its budgetary and political stability. Schmidt argues that the project should not be implemented without Ukraine and Russia agreeing to maintain a minimum level of supply through the Ukrainian territory, in the case of which the EC-Ukraine-Russia talks are going on. It should be noted that Angela Merkel presents the similar position.

Further criticism in Germany

The Russian aggression in the Sea of ​​Azov strengthened fears, which led to the capture of several dozen Ukrainian sailors in the international territory that was mistakenly regarded by Russia as part of its territory. In 2014, the Russians illegally annexed the Crimean Peninsula and began military operations in the east of Ukraine. This event undermined the hopes of the Germans for a diplomatic solution to the conflict. – Events in the Kerch Strait showed me at least how unfulfilled were the hopes – admits Juergen Hardt, a lawyer from the Christian CDU, from which Angela Merkel originated. At the same time, he criticized the economic viability of Nord Stream 2.

The Americans warned Germany that they could impose sanctions on Nord Stream 2 partners. According to Handelsblatt, they could include a contractor for a gas pipeline at sea, the Swiss company Allseas, which could lead to a delay in the project.