Cybersecurity Energy Nord Stream 2 8 November, 2017 10:00 am   
COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

Nord Stream 2 threatens peace in the region. Morawiecki opens Warsaw Security Forum 2017

Warsaw Security Forum 2017 under the patronage of launched today. Poland is sending a signal of its willingness to improve world’s security. It also against projects that cause a threat, like Nord Stream 2.

– Poland wants to be a great partner for the US, and a gas hub for whole Europe. That is why we perceive the second line of Nord Stream 2 as a geopolitically harmful project that could escalate conflicts – said the vice-minister and minister of development Mateusz Morawiecki.

– We want peace, and at the same time such policy that strengthens it. That is why we came up with the Three Seas Initiative, which is a coalition of countries for cooperation with Western Europe and the USA, so that the region from Scandinavia down to Greece leads to peace and does not adhere to aggressors – said the minister.

Morawiecki also said that Poland found out during the Second World War how much a lack of investments in security might mean. In his opinion, if not for the war, Poland would develop even twice as fast. Nowadays the world balance of power is turning and a cold war order is being replaced by competition between the US and Russia and China. In those conditions Poland wants to increase its defense spendings and invests in cybersecurity – Security is priceless. We know that from history – stressed the vice-prime minister.