Polish Briefing 30 October, 2019 9:00 am   
Editorial staff

Polish Briefing: Nord Stream 2 may struggle with delays and sanctions

What goes on in Poland on the 30th of October.

New sanction proposal against Nord Stream 2 in the US Senate

Republican Party senator Andy Barr proposed sanctions for ships and foreign entities involved in the disputed Nord Stream 2 project.

The draft regulation proposed by Barr prohibits the entry into the US territory of persons involved in the supply of pipes for the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline built between Russia and Germany. The proposed act also gives the US president the right to introduce restrictions on entities providing financial support and insurance to companies providing pipes for the needs of exporting raw materials from Russia.
This is another proposal after the bill approved by the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee described in Both require parliamentary approval and the president’s signature to enter into force. Americans have not yet decided on this step.

The Nord Stream 2 delay can be “days, weeks or months”

The Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline was originally expected to start operation at the end of 2019. It is not known whether it will be completed by then, because it is still waiting for the consent of Denmark.

87 percent of the pipes are already at the bottom of the Baltic Sea to connect Russia and Germany with a planned route of 55 billion cubic meters annually. For this, Denmark’s consent is needed to lead the section through its territorial waters. – We are waiting for this decision every day – admits Nord Stream 2 AG spokesman Jens Muller in an interview with Deutsche Welle. In his opinion, the construction of the remaining part may take one and a half months. Meanwhile, it was just over two months until the New Year.

According to Muller, delay is possible and may be “days, weeks or months” depending on the attitude of the Danes. In his opinion, the permit can be issued for days.