Energy Polish Briefing Renewables 24 January, 2023 8:30 am   

Polish Briefing: Onshore wind farms law in exchange for EU money


What goes in Poland on 24th of January.

Windfarms money

Poland is to decide on onshore windfarms future to get the money from EU Recovery Fund.

Polish parliamentary energy, climate and state assets commission is to mull eight acts which are to liberalize the landscape law. Existing regulation is including a so-called 10H rule. Polish land wind farms are to be situated only in locations that’s distance is over 10 times the height of a windfarm.

Several acts proposed by the government and opposition are to be discussed on 24th of February evening in Polish Parliament.

The stake is EU Recovery Fund money. One of the milestones of Polish recovery plan is the liberalization of onshore windfarm regulations. Poland is planning to spend over 20 bn PLN (4 bn euro) from Recovery Fund for the projects of energy transition.