Energy 1 August, 2017 9:00 am   
Editorial staff

Orlen’s biggest investment in the Czech Republic according to plan

The expansion of the Litvinov-Záluží petrochemical complex in Litvinov in the Czech Republic is going according to plan. The factory is owned by Unipetrol, Orlen’s subsidiary.

According to the Hospodářské noviny daily, the goal of the investment, which is the biggest of this type in the Czech Republic, is to increase the production of polypropylene.

It is one of the most widely-used plastics. Polypropylene is mostly used in the food and textiles industry. The Czech company exports it mostly to Slovakia and Germany. “Unipertrol continues to invest in the Záluží petrochemical complex in Litvinov. The company is planning to increase its production capacity of polypropylene and polyethylene. We are building new units to achieve this,” Pavel Kaidl Unipetrol’s spokesman said Monday.

The production will increase from 300 to 350 kilotons annually. “This is why last year during a pre-planned stoppage, we modernized equipment and  production lines for polypropylene. The investment cost CZK 100 million,” Kaidl reminded.

The new polyethylene installation (PE3), which will replace unit PE1 which is currently in use, and will be able to produce 270 thousand tons annually. The investment may increase the ethylene installation utilization and will enable a deeper integration of petrochemical and refinery production at the Unipetrol Group. Thanks to the implementation of new technologies, the company will be able to expand its market reach by adding cosmetics and packaging, “So far 55% out of the planned CZK 8.5 billion has been invested,” Kaidl said. The plan is to finish the construction at the end of 2018.

The Unipetrol Group is focused on petroleum engineering and distribution of fuel and petrochemical products. As of 2005 it is part of the PKN Orlen group, the biggest petrochemical concern in Central Europe.