Alerts 11 October, 2018 11:00 am   
Editorial staff

PERN: Extension of the Gdansk Oil Terminal launched

More than 2.5 million barrels (400 000 m³) of new crude oil storage capacity — this is the number by which the capacity of PERN Gdansk Oil Terminal will increase. The company plans to build 5 tanks which will allow it to service tankers entering the Naftoport even more efficiently. Currently, TNG Gdansk operates 6 storage depots with a total capacity of 2.36 million barrels (375 000 m2).

According to an announcement published on the Purchasing Platform:, PERN intends to build three tanks with a capacity of approx. 630 000 barrels (100 000 m³) each and two tanks with a capacity of approx. 280 000 barrels (45,000 m³) each. The selected contractor will also extend the technological installations of crude oil, power grid, water and foam networks, sanitary installations, roads and automation systems. The investment is to be completed within 21 months from the date of signing the contract, i.e. at the turn of August and September 2020.

It is yet another investment project within raw materials carried out by the Company. Currently, two oil tanks with a capacity of approx. 630 000 barrels (100 000 m³) each are under construction at the Raw Material Depot in Gdansk. The planned completion date is April 2020.

Diversification of oil supply – the strategic interest of the state

— The Polish market is becoming more and more open to deliveries from different suppliers. Our refineries carry out global investments, which allow deepening their processing with the use of crude oil other than Russian. That is why they purchase raw material in different regions of the world more and more often — pointed out Igor Wasilewski, the President of PERN.

Today, oil reaches Poland not only from Russia, but also from the North Sea, Saudi Arabia and the USA. Depending on the type of crude oil entering Poland, PERN is prepared to ensure its flexible transport to refinery and to maintain the full quality of the raw material transported.

Highest environmental standards

Tanks at the Gdansk terminal will be constructed in accordance with applicable environmental protection regulations. Throughout project implementation, the contractor will have to use double bottom: the upper steel bottom and the second constructed of geomembranes. They will also have to install an inter-bottom space monitoring system with an automation system indicating presence of possible hydrocarbons.

PERN has approximately 22 million barrels (3.5 million m³) of crude oil storage capacity and approximately 11.3 million barrels (1.8 million m³) for liquid fuels. We store: petrol, diesel oil, light fuel oil, bio-components and aviation fuel intended to supply the market on an ongoing basis, as well as to maintain intervention fuel stocks.