Alerts Energy SECURITY 13 February, 2024 8:00 am   
COMMENTS: Joanna Słowińska

PERN is calling for NATO to build oil pipelines on the eastern flank

Zdjecie-WhatsApp-2023-10-12-o-10.34.44_770d1962 PERN fuel base in Dębogórze. Picture by Jędrzej Stachura

The operator of Poland’s oil transmission pipelines PERN has called for the construction of oil pipelines on the eastern flank of NATO and declares it is ready to expand the Pomeranian oil pipeline if the market is interested. There are speculations that non-Russian oil may be transported via Poland to Germany if the Schwedt refinery is derusified.

“We need such solutions,” said the president of PERN about oil pipelines to the eastern flank of NATO. He recalled that the Central European Pipeline System transports fuel and oil to the countries of the former Western bloc from the Cold War. “This system ends in western Germany, it needs to be expanded to the eastern flank of NATO,” said the president of PERN Mirosław Skowron. However, he admitted that there was not yet a developed model for financing such an enterprise, in which the state budget would have to participate.

“A failure of the Pomeranian oil pipeline would have to last more than 30 days for there to be problems with fuel supply,” the PERN President said, also recalling the expansion of the fuel base in Dębogórz, which was done precisely to increase security of supply. He talked about protecting critical infrastructure – both physical and in cyberspace that PERN is developing.

PERN is also ready to expand the Pomeranian oil pipeline. “It’s a matter of decision. The investment is not small, as it is estimated at about PLN 3 billion. They need to find the money for this,” said the president of PERN. The Pomeranian oil pipeline currently has one line. Another one would increase the flexibility of supply between the Naftoport, Gdańsk Refinery and Płock Refinery. PERN is not regulated and must take into account economic viability. “We are ready to work if they are willing,” said Mirosław Skowron.

PERN has prepared an update of the strategy, which is waiting for possible adjustments after the change of government in Poland in the autumn of 2023. The bigger Pomeranian oil pipeline could also facilitate supplies to the German Schwedt refinery, whose future depends on cooperation between Poland and Germany on derusification, that is, the expropriation of Russia’s Rosneft. The media is speculating that Poland’s Orlen could replace the Russians. “Theoretically, we could make an additional one million tons of oil available for the needs of German refineries,” PERN said.

Wojciech Jakóbik