Infrastructure / Innovations 6 September, 2019 10:30 am   
Editorial staff

PGE wants to have 500 charging stations by 2020

The Polska Grupa Energetyczna plans to build 500 electric vehicle charging stations by 2020. This was announced by Paweł Śliwa, PGE Vice-President for Innovation.

“Generation has no problem whatsoever. This is three, four, maybe five TWh, while we are generating around 70 TWh, so it is 2-3 percent. It is not a volume that would bring us to our knees. In a few days we will be commissioning new generating units, and next year we will have more gas-fired units. We keep increasing our energy capacity all the time. No concerns at all” – assured president Śliwa.

“This electricity has to be delivered to the charging stations located in places most convenient to the consumers. The operators of distribution networks are trying to keep up with this trend, to secure locations suitable for charging the electric vehicles in city centres and on expressways. These networks will be ensured as the market develops. We are supplying our partners from the fuels sector with electricity so that they may build the electric vehicle charging stations” – informed the representative of PGE.

“We are the biggest Polish undertaking that is building the electric vehicle charging stations. As for today, there are over 50 throughout Poland. We are not constraining ourselves to our distribution area in eastern Poland, but we are building the stations in other regions too. We believe that by the end of 2022 we will have around 500 such stations” – announced Mr Śliwa.

Wojciech Jakóbik