Alerts Energy 19 November, 2020 11:26 am   

PGNiG: Gazprom’s application for gas price increase for Poland is ineffective


Polish PGNiG argues that Gazprom’s application for gas price increase in so-called Yamal contract is ineffective because of formal reasons.

Gazprom appealed for gas price increase in gas contract with PGNiG which lasts until 2022. It was an answer to PGNiG application for downward price revision. – We consider Gazprom’s application from ninth of November for price increase as ineffective because of formal reasons – stated PGNiG’s new CEO Paweł Majewski during a press conference. Majewski expressed hope for agreement in negotiations connected to PGNiG’s application for price downward revision to Gazprom without a need for another arbitrage ruling.

Wojciech Jakóbik