Energy 20 December, 2017 11:00 am   
COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

Piotrowski: Atom yes, but not from Putin’s Russia

Poland is considering the construction of the first nuclear power plant. So far, however, no decision has been made to implement this project. In an interview with, deputy minister of energy Andrzej Piotrowski argued that our country is getting closer to taking it. When asked about the possibility of using Russian technology, he stated that it is a ‘political problem’.

During the conversation with journalists, deputy minister Piotrowski referred to the expose of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, who recalled that for the first time since Jarosław Kaczynski, nuclear energy was included in the program of the head of government. – From the information I have, Jarosław Kaczyński mentioned the atom in his expose. Personally, I heard Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki to mention nuclear energy among the sources alternative to coal. It seems that these plans that we are now presenting to the government to make the final decision found their initial approval. We assume that this does not really end government discussions, but we are already very close to saying ‘yes’, this is an indispensable solution for Poland – he said.

Asked by the journalist of about how he interprets the words of the Prime Minister Morawiecki about the ‘positive look at the atom’, he said that ‘in this sense positive, the concern of the prime minister, was that nuclear power on the example of Hinkley Point is very expensive and it could turn out that it is out of the economic reach of a country like Poland, which is a state working its way up and has to seek effective but possible to finance solutions’.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Energy has repeatedly postponed the decision to start the construction of the first nuclear power plant in our country. At the beginning of December, the Ministry announced a tender for three analyses, which concern the costs and comparison of four nuclear technologies as well as the place of nuclear power in Europe in the light of European Union regulations.

To the question of, whether the ministry is waiting with the decision for the results of these studies, he answered – In fact, we can discuss if we talk about four technologies, if we include the Russian one, with which there is a political problem. But I hope that Putin will change or they will change Putin and maybe the problem is going to disappear – the deputy minister of energy said.

In his opinion, there is no reason to state from the technical side that this ‘technology did not work’. – In contrast, technology is inseparably associated with its supplier. Problems start here. If we allow a country that does not operate under market conditions, then we may be afraid of the various perturbations associated with it. Vide-example of gas, Ukraine, Crimea. So you can see yourself – the interlocutor of said.