Energy 1 April, 2020 11:00 am   
COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

PKEE members ensure the energy security and support the actions against coronavirus

Companies associated with the Polish Electricity Association (PKEE) are consistently continuing their operations in the face of the epidemic threat, ensuring the continuity of electricity supply to millions of Poles. The PGE, TAURON, Enea and Energa Groups have adapted their work organisation models to ensure their business continuity and the protection of health of both their employees and customers. Moreover, the members of the PKEE are actively supporting the government and societal initiatives aimed at limiting the spread of the virus and combating its consequences.

Continuity of electricity and heat supply not at risk

The overriding objective of the PGE, TAURON, Enea and Energa Groups is to preserve the stability of electricity and heat supply to end customers and to ensure the safety of employees and customers. Therefore, their Management Boards have implemented several preventive measures that allow protecting the employees against the potential threat and maintaining the stability of the work regime. In the companies responsible for the supply of electricity, the employees ensuring round the clock supervision of the electricity network have been assigned to fixed structure teams without the option of moving between the teams. In turn, the employees of power plants, due to the nature of their work, are subjected to additional testing before they are allowed to enter the premises.

Moreover, customer electricity meter readings are either suspended or taken only when the meters are located in public spaces and the reading does not involve entering residential premises. Also, the supply of heat and hot water is proceeding without interruptions to the residents of cities. The companies have stocks of fuel allowing them to provide the supply for over a dozen weeks without interruptions. It is worth noting that the production divisions have developed and are continually updating their operating plans taking into account elevated employee absences. Being strategic plants from the point of view of ensuring uninterrupted generation and supply of electricity and heat, they are in constant touch with the local services in charge of monitoring the situation on nationwide scale. Thus, there is no threat to the security and stability of supply of electricity and heat to end customers.

In addition, for the safety of customers, the brick and mortar customer service centres have been provisionally closed. At the same time, the electronic contact channels have been reinforced. Customers can deal with most of the formalities using the websites of the Groups.

PGE, TAURON, Enea and Energa are supporting the Poles in the fight against coronavirus

The members of the PKEE since the very beginning of the pandemic in Poland have been engaged in the fight against coronavirus. The companies are executing multiple initiatives aimed at supporting both the government agencies and the citizens. The Management Board of the PGE has made a decision to donate PLN 5 million in support of the measures aimed at stopping the spread of coronavirus. Majority of these funds went to 16 hospitals that use the support to, among others, purchase medical equipment, personal protection equipment and disinfectants, diagnostic tests and intensive care devices. TAURON has provided PLN 1.5 million for the purchases of equipment needed by hospitals and medical establishments. In turn, the Enea Group has provided PLN 2.1 million to support the hospitals combating coronavirus. The aid will be provided primarily to the establishments located on the Group’s territory of operations, firstly to the hospitals indicated by the Ministry of Health, which were converted to isolated contagious diseases hospitals. Energa has donated nearly one million PLN in support of the specialised hospital in Wejherowo. The funds will help the hospital to purchase medical equipment needed for the patients requiring intensive care. Moreover, the PGE Group, Enea and the Energa Group have seconded their employees to support the operation of the National Health Fund hotline that provides all the key information on how to proceed in case of suspicion of having a coronavirus infection. In addition, Energa has provided ten TETRA system radios to the Pomeranian Governor’s Bureau. These means of communication are used for coordinating the activities of the main centres involved in combating the coronavirus pandemic.

The companies are also supporting the persons in the highest coronavirus infection risk group – the seniors. The PGE has got in touch with the retired company employees and is checking on how it can help them. To this end, it has involved its employees in a volunteering initiative. The PGE is also in the process of coordinating with the National Senioral Economy Institute the provision of the hand disinfecting products. The youngest part of the population will also get help. The TAURON Group has launched an educational channel on YouTube. It features films for children and teenagers on how electricity is produced and how to use it safely. The channel may ease spending time home together and support the teachers in delivering remote lessons while the school premises remain closed. In turn, Energa has provided the pupils in need with laptops for e-learning.