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COMMENTS: Joanna Słowińska

Poland and France should strengthen ties. The game for a second NPP in Poland continues

Zrzut-ekranu-2023-12-21-1 Nuclear power plant. Source: Freepik

During discussions between Tusk and Macron in Paris, the French President emphasized the critical need for bilateral cooperation in the energy sector between the two countries. He stated that both countries are primarily responsible for the development of European nuclear energy. The French would like to build Poland’s second nuclear power plant.

Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has paid a visit to France. During a joint speech with French President Emmanuel Macron, he referred to the cooperation between the two countries, also in the field of energy. has reported about the press conference. has learned that the French want to build a nuclear power plant in the second location in Poland. The location was supposed to have been selected last year and will probably be somewhere in central Poland.

“Our two countries are pursuing Europe’s biggest nuclear programs. We should act to strengthen our energy security and achieve a zero carbon footprint by 2050,” Macron said.

The Polish Prime Minister underlined the friendship shared by the two countries. He also stressed that their position was very similar, especially in the context of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Tusk also referred to the security of the EU member states, saying that there is no alternative to the European Union, transatlantic cooperation and NATO. He stressed that in order for Europe to be secure, EU member states must become strong and capable of defending their and allied borders.

“Today I emphasize that I would like Poland and France to cooperate intensively on the following three pillars: energy, food security and military security,” said the Prime Minister.

He also recalled that 10 years earlier he had proposed the creation of the Energy Union.

On the same day, Tusk travelled to Berlin.

In 2023, Poland and France negotiated the possibility of using contract for difference. The French company EDF was considered as a partner in the construction of the first Polish nuclear power plant, but in the end the American Westinghouse was chosen. At the same time, the French company is still interested in investments in Poland and the second location where Poland wants to build its nuclear power plant, as reported by Tusk and Macron announced the adoption of a new Polish-French treaty with emphasis on nuclear cooperation. / Marcin Karwowski