Polish Briefing 27 June, 2019 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: The head of ERO remains on the position

What goes on in Poland on the 27th of June. journalist in the Polish Radio programme “Kulisy Spraw”: Gas from the USA enhances our security

Poland may change from an importer into a gas seller. It is becoming a reality – said Piotr Stępiński, journalist at, in the Polish Radio “Kulisy Spraw” programme. 

– Poland’s cooperation with the US is “absolutely strategic” in many areas – said on Monday President Andrzej Duda summing up his six-day visit to the United States, which he began with a meeting last Wednesday in the White House with President Donald Trump. The President reminded that he met with energy secretary Rick Perry at the Sabine Pass export terminal belonging to the Cheniere Energy company, from which LNG gas will be delivered to Poland in the near future.

– On the one hand, this is evidence of a closer relationship between Poland and the US. It is for us to strengthen security and reduce dependence on Russian gas supplies. On the other hand, it’s a business for Americans. Currently, Poland consumes about 17-18 billion cubic meters of gas, and if we sum up our own extraction and all potential sources from which we can take the raw material, then we will receive about 24 billion. We will have surplus gas and we will be able to sell it to our neighbors. This opens up new possibilities – said Piotr Stępiński, a journalist at in PR24 added that “this surplus gas can be used to build the center of sale, and this is a vital factor in Russia’s interests.” – Poland may change from an importer into a gas-selling entity and this is slowly becoming a fact – Piotr Stępiński explained.

The President of ERO remains in the position. The process of elections of his successor failed

The Prime Minister’s Chancellery has failed to appoint a new President of the Energy Regulatory Office. This means that the current head of URE Maciej Bando will remain in office.

In the information on the results of the recruitment published on the website of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, it was only written that “no candidate was selected” without justification. Let us remind you that on April 30 the Chancellery of the Prime Minister published an announcement regarding the recruitment for the successor of the President of the Energy Regulatory Office. Despite the fact that the time for applications passed on May 16, the name of the new head of the energy market regulator in Poland is still unknown.

Maciej Bando’s term ended on June 1. The portal informed that it still acts as the President of the Energy Regulatory Office. In accordance with the Energy Law, he performs his duties until the appointment of his successor.