Polish Briefing 7 August, 2019 9:00 am   
Editorial staff

Polish Briefing: The energy strategy is waiting for the NECP

What goes on in Poland on the 7th of August.

The energy strategy is waiting for the NECP

The adoption of the energy strategy announced for the holiday period is delayed by the need of its further adaptaion.

Poland’s Energy Policy for 2040 must comply with the provisions of the National Energy and Climate Plans. The latter is consulted with the European Commission and therefore requires further changes – found out. Earlier, the Ministry of Energy suggested that the government could adopt a strategy around the summer holidays, and then possibly adapt it to the National Energy and Climate Plans, which would be adopted by the end of this year.

Ukraine and Moldova are preparing for a possible gas crisis together

Moldova is accelerating talks with Ukraine about deliveries from Ukrainian stocks in case of interruptions in the heating season after the end of the Gazprom-Naftogaz transmission contract at the end of this year.

Moldovagaz and Gazprom are to sign a new contract effective from January 1, 2020. Deliveries are to pass through the territory of Ukraine. Kiev, in turn, expects problems with Russian gas supplies through its gas pipelines during the heating season in connection with the end of the transmission contract which is in force until the end of the year. This would be a form of pressure in talks on the new agreement with the participation of the European Commission, Ukraine and Russia.

Meanwhile, the Romania-Moldova gas connection to give Chisinau alternative sources of supply is to be ready only after August 2020, more than half a year after the end of the current contract.