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COMMENTS: Zuzanna Szymczyk

Poland invites Brits to green cooperation

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Poland is talking with the UK about cooperation and exchange of experience in the energy sector. “We look forward to continuing to work with the British people on green technologies and new solutions to fossil fuel dependency,” Climate and Environment Minister Paulina Hennig – Kloska said at a meeting with the British Embassy.

On March 27, a Polish-British meeting on cooperation for a green transition took place. Climate and Environment Minister Paulina Hennig-Kloska and the UK ambassador Anna Clunes talked about modern green technologies and the challenges of the energy transition. The aim of the talks was to exchange experience between the countries and to strengthen bilateral cooperation in the field of climate and energy.

“Poland wants to be part of an implementable European climate policy that protects the climate, but also takes into account the current situation and huge investments. We want to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the transformation, such as improving the quality of the environment, creating new jobs, developing innovation and building energy security. Today we are not asking ‘if’ but ‘how’ to make the climate and energy transition a driving force for economic development,” she said.

Minister Paulina Hennig-Kloska appreciated the UK’s efforts to decarbonize the energy mix and protect the climate, and also mentioned the similarities between the current coal production in Poland and the UK’s experience with the energy mix from the late 1980s. She stressed that Poland looks forward to further cooperation in the field of green technologies, new solutions for becoming independent of fossil fuels and those related to better integration of renewable energy sources in the energy sector.

The Minister did not forget about the issue of renewable energy and offshore wind energy. “Offshore wind energy will be one of the pillars of Poland’s energy transformation and we want to create the most favorable conditions to support this goal. The energy potential of Polish marine areas is considered to be one of the largest in the region. So far, a total of 21 location permits for the construction or use of artificial islands, structures and equipment for offshore wind farms have been issued in the Polish Exclusive Economic Zone. We expect that the installed capacity of offshore wind energy will reach 5.9 GW in 2030 and up to 18 GW in 2040,” said the head of the Department of Climate and Environment.

The parties also discussed the development of hydrogen technologies, offshore, electromobility and SMRs.

Ministry of Climate and Environment / Zuzanna Szymczyk