Polish Briefing 26 August, 2020 11:00 am   
COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

Polish Briefing: The act on offshore may come into force in November this year

What goes on in Polan on the 26th of August.

The act on offshore may come into force in November this year

– I hope that in August the act on offshore will be submitted to the economic committee of the Council of Ministers, and in September to the standing committee. In October, the Sejm will deal with it. I hope that in November, after the president’s signature, it will become a binding law – said Deputy Minister of Climate and government plenipotentiary for RES Irenusz Zyska at the PWEA 2020 conference.

Zyska said offshore wind could provide seven thousand new jobs by 2035. – Offshore is also a natural source for the production of green hydrogen. The offshore potential is up to 30 GW, which would make Poland one of the leaders in Europe – he mentioned.

– So far, we have considered the last comments to the bill. We need to adopt implementing regulations necessary for the ERO’s decisions on issuing decisions for projects with a capacity of 5.9 GW – he said. Zyska also mentioned that it was on the initiative of his department that a draft resolution was issued on supporting offshore wind energy in the area of ​​the installation port in Gdynia.

A day earlier, Zbigniew Gryglas, Deputy Minister of State Assets, spoke about a resolution to create an installation port. – Polish networks must also be prepared to receive power from the Baltic Sea. Soon we will sit down to talks with PSE on the development of the network and the evacuation of power from the sea – said the deputy climate minister, appealing for trust in PSE. He added that a secretariat in the ministry has recently been established to deal with the offshore sector agreement, which is to “deepen the development of the domestic supply chain”.