Polish Briefing 11 April, 2019 10:00 am   
COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

Polish Briefing: The offshore law will be created across political boundaries

What goes on in Poland on the 11th of April.

Gryglas: The offshore law will be created across political boundaries

We want to spread a good cheer amongst new political circles to help create a law on offshore wind farms across political boundaries, said the chairman of the Parliamentary Group for Offshore, Zbigniew Gryglas at the Polish Nationwide Energy Summit in Gdansk under the media patronage of 

PKN Orlen and other investors require only one: regulations. That is what I could hear from them. It is high time to address this issue. 

When we established the Parliamentary Group for Offshore, many did not believe that we would succeed. Today we have the Polish Energy Policy until 2040, which is a strategic document. We affirm that we are able to exceed the ceiling of the installed capacity for offshore wind farms, proposed in the document. The next step is a good offshore law. It’s a complicated issue and we’d like to simplify it. We should have one dedicated act, so that the whole stakeholders can find there elements that are important to them. I have no doubt that we cannot choose a short cut here. The law has to go through governmental internal consultations as well as external consultations. It has to be robust and stable. We also invited the opposition to our group, to prepare the bill across political boundaries and to create the long-term law, said Zbigniew Gryglas.

I am optimistic in many respects – my talks with PSE indicate that our energy operator is well prepared for connection a new power, especially if in the future the power grid will be the rudiment of something bigger. A new industry is borning right before our eyes. There are a lot of companies dealing with offshore on the market, so they will join to our project on short notice. We will need a thousand turbines, a thousand pillars, foundations, ships – thanks to this, the whole branch of the economy will flourish. We want to spread a good cheer amongst different political angles and invite PWEA among others for consultations that will help the Ministry of Energy to develop the draft of the law, which will be a constitution for offshore, suggested the politician.