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Poland to get three new oil tanks to improve security and more

dębogórze Fuel base in Dębogórze. Source: PERN

PERN, Mostostal Warszawa and Mostostal Płock have signed a contract for the construction of three diesel fuel tanks in Dębogórze in order to expand the local fuel depot, which is important for Poland, but not only.

New tanks at the fuel base in Dębogórze. Source: PERN

“PERN S. A. and the consortium of Mostostal Warszawa and Mostostal Płock signed an agreement worth almost PLN 150 million for the construction of three diesel storage tanks. Thanks to this investment, the capacity of the PERN fuel base in Dębogórze will increase by another 150,000 mcm. This is the next stage of the expansion of this coastal fuel hub, which is classified as strategic infrastructure for the energy security of Poland and neighboring countries. This project was included in the program of expansion of critical infrastructure,” reports PERN.

“The completion date of the investment is scheduled for 2025, and the contract is worth PLN 148 million. The investment is the company’s response to the needs of the market and the expectations of customers, who are increasingly diversifying the supply of raw materials. The new infrastructure will allow emergency stocks to be stored and fuels to be traded more flexibly. It is also one of the elements of strengthening Poland’s energy independence,” explains PERN.

PERN recalls that the capacity of the fuel base in Dębogórze is 360 thousand cubic meters. This base serves as a key link for Poland’s diversified liquid fuel supply system. It is located near the oil port in Gdańsk, through which oil and petroleum products reach Polish territory for domestic and foreign needs, including Ukraine struggling with the invasion of Russia.

PERN / Wojciech Jakóbik