Polish Briefing 21 June, 2019 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: The Poland-US MoU will facilitate talks on the nuclear energy

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What goes on in Poland on the 21st of June.

Poland hopes that Gazprom will take part in the auctions on the Yamal pipeline

The Polish side expects that Gazprom will take part in the capacity auctions of the Yamal gas pipeline, but it is counting on unexpected twists and turns.

– From the moment of expiration of the transmission contract on the Yamal gas pipeline, we will provide capacity in accordance with European procedures – reminded the Government Plenipotentiary for Strategic Energy Infrastructure Piotr Naimski.

Those who want to send gas from the East through the Polish section can apply for access and reserve bandwidth. The Polish section will operate regardless of the relations between PGNiG and Gazprom Export – the Minister assured.

– The intergovernmental agreement says that the Polish side will make efforts to enable the further transmission of Russian gas to recipients in the West and, and of course, it will. On the other hand, the operating conditions of EuRoPol Gaz and the operator’s operations on the Polish section will be different than before the expiration of the transmission contract – he added.

– It is different with a Russian partner, so I do not want to declare what will happen – said Naimski. – The intention is clear. After the expiration of the transmission contract, Gaz-System being the operator of the Polish section will announce the auction for capacity and it seems to us that Gazprom will use it for the benefit of its own interests by sending 29 billion cubic meters to Germany – he concluded.

Naimski: The Poland-US MoU will facilitate talks about the nuclear energy

Piotr Naimski calms the moods around the memorandum on civil cooperation on nuclear energy between the USA and Poland. It may facilitate talks about US involvement in the nuclear project in Poland, but it does not prejudge it.

– The lack of such agreements makes cooperation difficult. Signing them makes it easier to talk about particulars – explained the Government Plenipotentiary for Strategic Energy nfrastructure Piotr Naimski, speaking about the memorandum on cooperation in civil nuclear energy during a meeting with journalists.

According to him, thirty-year agreements between Americans and various European countries are ending and US is signing such memoranda to extend cooperation in the nuclear sector, but also in various areas, such as medicine.