Alerts Energy Infrastructure / Innovations Renewables 9 October, 2023 7:30 am   
COMMENTS: Joanna Słowińska

Poland will share with Moldova knowledge about support systems for clean technologies

Zrzut-ekranu-2022-08-08-183207 Moldova. Source: freepik

Poland and Moldova are discussing cooperation and knowledge exchange in the field of clean technology support systems. 

Deputy Minister Adam Guibourgé-Chetwertyński talked to Moldova’s Deputy Minister of Energy about the lessons both countries have learned so far on the way to the energy transition. The meeting took place on October 3 at the Warsaw Security Forum 2023. Moldova is interested in Poland’s experience and practices in the area of the clean technology support system.

“Clean technology support systems in Poland consist of two main pillars. One is dedicated to large-scale investments and the other to micro-installations in households. Both pillars of the Polish renewable energy sector are crucial for increasing the potential of renewable energy and thus for a fair energy transition. Poland supports the aspirations of Moldova and is ready to share its experience and solutions, which are effectively implemented by the Government of the Republic of Poland,” said Deputy Minister Adam Guibourgé-Chetwertyński.

Ministry of Climate and Environment / Jędrzej Stachura