Energy Renewables 9 June, 2021 3:30 pm   
COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

Poland with the highest percentage of increase of wind energy since 2000


Poland has increased the percentage of electricity produced by wind turbines the most, with an increase of nearly 250,000%. Belgium, France, and Norway all rank within the top 10 for the biggest increases. Denmark is the country with the largest overall generation of electricity using wind turbines, even though they had the smallest increase.

In 2001, the European Union introduced the EC Directive 2001/77/EC, which promoted the production of electricity through renewable energy means. One such production method promoted by the EU was wind turbines.

Recently, the EU released the figures from their most recent data collection for how much electricity is produced by countries within their member states. This inspired energy experts at to investigate which countries have increased electricity production by renewable means by the greatest amount.

By comparing the percentage of electricity generated in each country by wind turbines in the year 2000, to the latest data released April 2021, can reveal which countries have increased the amount of electricity generated by wind turbines the most.

In first place is Poland. In 2000, only 0.003% of all electricity produced in Poland was by wind turbines. The latest data set shows that the percentage in Poland has risen to 7.5%, meaning electricity produced by wind turbines in Poland has increased by 249,900% since 2000.

Second is Czechia, with an increase of generated electricity via wind turbines of 69,900%. Only 0.001% of all electricity produced in the Czech Republic was by wind turbines in the year 2000, but the most recent data set shows the percentage has increased by 0.7%.

Placing third is France. France has increased electricity generated by wind turbines by 54,344.44% since 2000, with wind turbine produced electricity rising from 0.009% to 4.9% of all electricity produced.

4. Belgium – +49,400%
5. Ukraine – +23,233.33%
6. Turkey – +21,566.67%
7. Norway – +12,900%

The Rest

11. Portugal – +5,175%
12. Sweden – +3,300%
13. Italy – +2,950%
14. Ireland – +2,670%
15. Latvia – +1,700%
16. Greece – +1,375%
17. Germany – +968.75%
18. Netherlands – +922.22%
19. Spain – +780.59%
20. Luxembourg – +452.38%
21. Denmark – +287.29%