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Poland’s first nuclear power plant takes another step

Visualization of Poland’s NPP by PEJ. Visualization of Poland's NPP by PEJ.

Polish Nuclear Power Plants (PEJ) have announced they will start prepping the construction site of Poland’s first NPP for a geological survey. Choczewo 24 has also reported about the next working meeting in the municipality.

PEJ have announced they would proceed to the next stage of preparing the area for in-depth geological research. Choczewo 24 has also reported about the next working meeting in the municipality.

The area where the nuclear power plant with three AP1000 units will be built by PEJ, Bechtel and Westinghouse has already been fenced. Now it is waiting for the removal of trees and shrubs to conduct geological drilling. The plan is to temporarily restrict access to the beach via the regular road from Słajszewo. An alternative route was also discussed, which was later put on the map at the local information point of the Choczewo commune.

PSE (grid operator – ed.) has discussed the plan to build an electricity station in Biebrów. PKP PLK (state owned railway company – ed.) announced the revision of the railway route in order to maximize the use of the existing area of the former railway line 230. It will be modernized and a new section will be built from the planned Lubiatowo-Kopalino nuclear power plant to a connection near the Steknica station, as well as a connection in the direction of Łeba.

In September 2023, PEJ, Bechtel and Westinghouse signed a design agreement allowing them to prepare a project for a nuclear power plant in Lubiatowo-Kopalino within 1.5 years. According to the Polish nuclear energy programme, construction will start in 2026 and the first reactor will be ready in 2033, while the capacity target is 6-9 GW in nuclear power by 2043.

Choczewo24 / Wojciech Jakóbik