Alerts SECURITY 6 June, 2024 7:30 am   

Poles join forces with Americans to fight Russian disinformation


The government discussed the threat of Russian disinformation with Microsoft ahead of the European Parliament elections. The Americans will share the know-how on how to defend against various dangers from this direction.

“We spoke with Microsoft about committing knowledge and technology and the need for political determination to prevent Russia from influencing, for example, the electoral processes, whether in the United States, Europe or Poland,” Tusk said. “We also talked about using know-how to prevent Russian influence on security. We are talking not only about cyberspace, but about safe aviation, public systems and disinformation,” he added.

“Most artificial intelligence tools have problems detecting the intricacies of the Polish language. That is why we are working on the creation of the Polish Large Language Universal Model, which will be an innovation on a global scale. It will combine access to data, competencies, technical resources, know-how of scientific units and government to support science and the economy. In addition, cooperation with Microsoft on AI projects will strengthen our potential in the field of new technologies,” informs the Prime Minister’s Office.

Microsoft has warned about Russian disinformation ahead of European elections Groups employed by Russia are supposed to spread false information aimed at polarizing the society. In addition, incidents giving rise to suspicions of Russian acts of sabotage are multiplying.

Prime Minister’s Office / Wojciech Jakóbik