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COMMENTS: Jacek Perzyński

Polish Army acquires upgraded FlyEye drones

Warmate-WB-Group-1536×864 Warmate Drone. Picture by WB Group

The Polish Army has received another 5 sets of FlyEye reconnaissance drones, which have been upgraded based on the experience in Ukraine, among others – the Defense Agency said in a statement. The drones are manufactured by the Polish company Grupa WB and have become another export bestseller of the Polish armaments industry.

The war in Ukraine is proving to be a valuable field of practice for the Polish military sector. Military produces manufactured in Poland are recognized by Ukrainian soldiers, in particular Krab gun-howitzers, Grot modular assault rifles and Piorun man-portable air-defense systems. This group also includes FlyEye drones, which have been overhauled and have a chance to become another bestseller of the Polish armaments industry.

It should be mentioned that at the September MSPO fair in Kielce, the Armaments Agency concluded an agreement with WB Electronics for the supply of nearly 1,700 FlyEye drones along with logistics and training packages. The contract runs until the end of 2035 and involves the acquisition of nearly 1,700 drones in the latest iteration of this system.

“The modernization of drones was carried out on the basis of collected opinions and experience, taking into account the experience of the war in Ukraine. The improvements include navigation systems, enhanced security and integration with TOPAZ. We continue to conclude executive agreements that resulted from the framework agreement signed at this year’s MSPO (armaments industry fair in Kielce). The deal involves the acquisition of nearly 1,700 drones – over 400 sets in the latest development version of the system,” the press release said.

During a meeting with journalists in September, the leaders of the WB Group announced that in 2024 the company will increase its production capacity to approx. 200 FlyEye sets per year. As the company’s data show, not only Poland and Ukraine are delighted with the company’s drones. More than 90 percent of them are exported, especially to Ukraine, where they are used to fight the Russians.

It should be mentioned that the Polish Army has been equipped wit the FlyEyes since 2010. In addition, the equipment is also used by Special Forces, Territorial Defense Forces and the Border Guard to patrol the borders.

FlyEye has a span of 3.6 m, its takeoff weight is 12 kg, the range of a standard radio link is 50 km. In addition to drones, the system includes observation heads, a ground-based flight control station, a data analysis station and a training simulator.

Polish Press Agency / Jacek Perzyński