Polish Briefing 10 November, 2017 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: Agreement on climate policy reform reached. Germany may drop Nord Stream 2

What goes on in Poland on the 10th of November.

EU ETS: An agreement on climate policy reform has been reached

European Council and the European Parliament reached an agreement on climate policy reform by changing the rules of emissions trade system (EU ETS).

– In the early hours the European Council (member states) and the European Parliament reached an initial agreement in Union’s emission rights trade. ETS needs to be reformed to stay effective and realize our climate goals. We believe that the initial agreement will guarantee it – said the spokeswoman of Estonian presidency Annikky Lamp.

As we read in official European Commission communique, the agreement between the European Parliament and the Council will support the EU in reaching a major part of its obligations from the Paris Agreement – greenhouse gas reduction by 40 per cent until 2030.

Germany may drop Nord Stream 2 after coalition talks

According to Financial Times, Germany’s support for Nord Stream 2 is weakening along with progress of coalition talks in the new government.

From the time that the socialist party from the last term moved to opposition, chancellor Angela Merkel talks with the liberals and greens on creating the government. Both parties want German companies to withdraw from Nord Stream 2, that is a controversial project of a pipeline from Russia through Baltic Sea, criticized by Germany’s partners in the EU, as well as by the US.

An anonymous speaker of christian-democrats said to Financial Times that the socialists were the main Nord Stream 2 supporters. New government is supposed to be more critical towards the project, and generally, towards cooperation with Russia.

– SPD was totally in Nord Stream 2’s service – said Reinhard Butikofer from the Green Party. He announced that his party will support dropping the project during the coalition negotiations.