Polish Briefing 16 December, 2022 7:30 am   

Polish Briefing: Poland inching closer to atom from America | 86 percent of Poles support nuclear energy


What goes on in Poland on the 16th of December.

Poland took another step closer to American atom

The Polish Nuclear Power Plants company informs that on December 15, 2022, in the presence of Anna Moskwa – Minister of Climate and Environment, r Mateusz Berger – Government Plenipotentiary for Strategic Energy Infrastructure and Marek Brzeziński – Ambassador of the United States to Poland, the President of Polish Nuclear Power Plants ( PEJ) Tomasz Stępień and the President of Westinghouse Electric Company Energy Systems (WEC) David Durham signed a Cooperation Agreement, following the Polish government’s choice of the American WEC AP1000 technology for the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Poland.

– The signed agreement defines the main principles as well as the next business steps that will be taken by PEJ and WEC in 2023. It assumes key tasks to be performed, such as negotiating and signing contracts, e.g. contract for the provision of engineering services, the scope of which will cover preparatory and conceptual work, including preliminary design work, support services in obtaining permits, services related to planning the organization of the location site as well as orders and construction planning. The next step in the project will be the signing by the companies in 2023 of a contract for the design of a nuclear power plant to be built in Pomerania, a press release said.

86 percent of Poles support nuclear energy

As many as 86 percent of Poles support the construction of nuclear power plants in Poland, according to a survey commissioned by the Ministry of Climate and Environment in November 2022. At the same time, more than 70 percent of respondents would agree that such a power plant should be built near their place of residence. These are the best results in the history of research carried out every year for the last decade.
A survey from November 2022 shows that over 85 percent of respondents express support for nuclear power plants in our country, and 10 percent are of the opposite opinion. Compared to 2021, there was an increase in supporters of this type of investment by as much as 12 percent.

It is particularly important that the majority of respondents (71.6 percent) support locating a nuclear power plant in the immediate vicinity of their place of residence, and only 25.5 percent are of the opposite opinion. The number of supporters of building a nuclear power plant in their neighborhood increased by as much as 14 percent compared to the previous year.