Polish Briefing 31 January, 2018 9:00 am   
Editorial staff

Polish Briefing: A contract for new oil tanks in Gdańsk signed

What goes on in Poland on the 31st of January.

A contract for new oil tanks in Gdańsk signed

A deal between PERN-Mostostal Płock and Mostostal Warszawa for building new oil tanks has been signed. The project is supposed to support diversification of supply sources to Poland.

– Expanding our storage capacities is necessary, because this is what our customers expect – stressed Tadeusz Zwierzyński, a vice-head of PERN’s management board. – More and more oil comes to us by sea. This is why we decided to realize this project. At the same time I would like to stress that building new capacities in Gdańsk base is just the beginning of an ambitious investment plan that reaches 2020 – he added.

– We will start the realization of the project once the contract is signed. We have 25 months to build the tanks, what means that in the first quarter of 2020, PERN will have new storage capacities at its service – said Maciej Barycki, CEO of Mostostal Płock.

– This contract is the first element of our development strategy. It will let us fulfill the expectations of Polish refineries – said Zwierzyński. A change in supplies direction signalized by Płock Refinery makes building new storage capacities necessary. Gdańsk will be the biggest storage area in Poland. All in all, it will have 1 800 million cubic meters capacity.

Baltic Pipe gas pipeline location procedures have commenced

Gaz-System applied to the Ministry of Maritime Economy and Inland Shipping and the Maritime Offices in Szczecin and Słupsk for administrative decisions regarding the terms of laying and maintaining the offshore Baltic Pipe gas pipeline. The documents submitted on January 24 and 25, 2018 pertain to 1 km wide survey corridors delineated for three alternative gas pipeline routes within the Polish maritime territory.

Under the said procedures, the route of the gas pipeline shall be agreed with a number of institutions, including competent Ministers: of Energy, Economy, Natural Environment, Fishery, Culture and National Heritage, Administration and National Defense. In addition, applications will be assessed by authorities of three communes (Rewal, Trzebiatów, Mielno), where the onshore section of the gas pipeline is planned.

The corridors indicated in the location permits will be subject to in-depth surveys including environmental, technological and social analyses. They will serve as a basis for selection of the final, optimum route of the gas pipeline and development of a construction design. Until surveys and analyses have been completed, all variants of the venture are recognized as equivalent.