Polish Briefing 14 June, 2018 9:00 am   
COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

Polish Briefing: Cooperation with artificial intelligence is the future

What goes on in Poland on the 14th of June.

Morawiecki: Cooperation with artificial intelligence is the future

– Stanisław Lem said that the proof of the existence of artificial intelligence will be a conversation between a robot and a human being. Sophia is proof that it happened. I hope that artificial intelligence will cooperate with people in the future – said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki at the inauguration of the impact’18 conference.

– The genius of Poles initiated years ago abroad can now develop in Poland. I am glad that the conditions for this are getting better – said the Prime Minister. He said Poland is now going through fundamental changes in public administration. – Today, IT systems integrate faster than states. We are thinking about platforms that will support solutions that will bring us savings, which then can be devoted to education and science. We win with tax crime, which contributes to the small “economic miracle” of Poland – said Morawiecki.

– Efficient, strong public administration relies on the ability to adapt. We are shifting public orders towards entrepreneurs and start-ups, because we believe that this will contribute to the innovation of the Polish economy – he said. – What I like about innovators is that small start-ups are able to overtake the giants. We need new inspirations, we want to support weaker and disadvantaged people, cooperate with entrepreneurs.

Emilewicz: We want Industry 4.0 to come to Poland

Industry 4.0 is rolling around the world, and we want it to come to Poland. Now we have the chance to take part in this transformation – said the Minister of entrepreneurship and technology Jadwiga Emilewicz at the impact’18 conference.

– We have something called “technology 4.0 fuel” – we have the best programmers. Big challenges are ahead of us. Ideas from many years ago become a reality. In the future, the world will be much more automated. Many professions will disappear. Poland can be part of this transformation – we have human capital and we create a framework for cooperation – said the minister.

Emilewicz said that the Polish economy is based on small and medium-sized enterprises. – We must combine their competences, teach them to use new instruments. This requires public partnership. We are creating the project of the Platform of Industry of the Future, which will be a meeting and piloting place, we will build infrastructure there, which many entities will be able to use. Standardization is also important – it will be needed for the development of artificial intelligence in Europe – said the Minister of Entrepreneurship and Technology.

– The world is changing and we are aware of it. These changes are a chance for Poland, but also a challenge. Understanding global trends, we will have a chance to keep up with them and even shape them. Tectonic movements of history have been very painful for Poland so far, but now we hope to use them – concluded Minister Emilewicz.