Polish Briefing 2 December, 2020 8:30 am   

Polish Briefing: Deal on coal sector reform to be proposed soon | Polish electricity sector asks for more inside EU ETS


What goes on in Poland on 2nd of December

Deal on Polish coal sector reform is to be presented in the middle of December

According to viceminister of state assets and plenipotentiary for energy and coal minery sectors reform Artur Soboń Polish government is to announce a social deal proposal to miner unions in the middle of December.

Soboń announced this after meeting the working groups preparing plan of coal sector reform on 1st of December in Katowice. According to him, all the works on recommendations for a social deal between the government and unions about reforming the coal sector are finished. New meeting with the unions to be held in the middle of December. During this meeting, unions are to get the full information about the reform proposal including state aid which is to be notified in European Commission.


Polish electricity sector asks for solidarity pool inside EU ETS

Polish Electricity Association (PKEE) asks European Commission for “solidarity pool” to compensate the costs of climate policy where it is most needed.

PKEE calls on the Commission to bolster the compensatory mechanisms established by the EU ETS Directive proportionally to the more stringent climate commitments, i.e. to substantially increase the number of allowances dedicated to the Modernisation Fund and the “solidarity pool”. This increase should go beyond compensating for the reduced number of allowances caused by Brexit, and exceed 0.5 percent, as already stated in the EU ETS Directive – we read in a statement from PKEE.

Wojciech Jakóbik