Polish Briefing 30 November, 2017 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: Decision on nuclear energy in Poland will soon be made. Majority of MEPs for changes hitting Nord Stream 2

What goes on in Poland on the 30th of November.

Tchórzewski: There is no decision on nuclear energy yet, but it will soon be made

In fact, there is no decision on building a Polish nuclear power plant, but it will be made soon. A choice of technology is as important as the contractor – said the minister of energy Krzysztof Tchórzewski.

The minister said that in the face of raising demand for energy and strict environmental norms, new challenges are coming up. – We build power stations in Poland, but these are coal ones. We are glad that Polish companies are engaged in building those projects. Such investments are worth billions. There is a tender for a power plant in Ostrołęka going on. We have been talking about a nuclear power plant in Poland for years. We hope it will come true. To face EU demands, will need a low-emissions energy source to show that we are not a black spot – said the minister Tchórzewski.

Seating of EP Commission. Majority of MEPs for changes hitting Nord Stream 2

Most of MEPs from the Commission of Industry, Research and Energy supports changes in EU regulations that could make Nord Stream 2 realization harder. Poland is protesting against the pipeline as it is a threat to EU energy security.

At a seating of parliamentary commission, the first discussion of gas directive amendment took place. It is about specification the regulations that could concern all gas pipelines, including underwater import pipelines. Concerning Nord Stream 2 with the EU law as a whole would make realization of this investment more difficult.

Christian democrats, conservatives, liberals and greens announced that they would support the changes in gas directive prepared by the European Commission. Only communists were against, social democrats were divided – a Romanian MEP was for, a German MEP was against. The MEP argued that Russia is a reliable supplier.

– It is amazing what arguments are used, that Russia is such a great partner who never let us down and it is a mutual dependence – commented MEP Zdzisław Krasnodębski. Polish MEPs support the amendment of gas directive and were against Nord Stream 2.

– Gazprom uses gas a political weapon. I believe that this project will not have an economic sense – said the MEP Janusz Lewandowski.

Polish MEPs claim that they are optimists and in a few months the parliamentary commission and the whole European Parliament will support the amendments hitting Nord Stream 2. To implement it, an agreement of the member states will be necessary.