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Polish Briefing: EAGLE for e-cars I Orlen’s SMRs

EAGLE platform. Source: Innovation AG EAGLE platform. Source: Innovation AG

What goes in Poland o 4th of April.

Innovation AG has created the first Polish platform for electric vehicles

The EAGLE platform on which different models of cars can be mounted, was developed in the town of Zgorzelec.

“The EAGLE platform  is a natural consequence of the previous technical thought and achievements of Innovation AG. In 2018 this company built Sokół 4×4, which is the first Polish, fully electric vehicle, created by the method of eco-conversion consisting in the electrification of an off-road car, with a 4×4 drive. Sokół used for the first time the proprietary EVACT technology, an electronic system for the diagnosing and driving the car,” Innovation AG said.

EAGLE is an English acronym describing the basic features of the Polish platform. The letters stand for:

Electric-the platform is designed for electric vans, and the capacity of the battery installed in it can be from 60 to 110kvh. The vehicles on the Innovation AG platform will feature the latest vehicle-to-grid (V2G), vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) technologies, which allow the vehicle to transfer energy to the home, another vehicle or even exchange data with the road infrastructure – traffic signals and traffic information.

Automotive-the platform is currently designed for front-wheel drive N1 vans. However, it can easily be adapted for heavier vehicles from the N2 category and for a 4×4 drive.

General – universal design allows to mount any task vehicle on the platform. In addition to the standard van, the Innovation AG platform can be used to build an ambulance, a fire engine, a police car or even an open body with a crane.

Light-the extremely low weight of the frame itself, the design of which was patented, is a true advantage, thanks to which it was possible to increase the weight (and capacity) of the battery. This directly affected the N1 class’s unprecedented range when fully loaded – more than 300 km on a single charge.

E-platform-means the use of the latest intelligent technologies, such as the above-mentioned EVACT system and such solutions as: reversible heat pump, cooling in the summer and heating the vehicle in the winter (HVAC –  heating, ventilation, air conditioning).

The EAGLE platform consists of components such as the chassis, braking system, drivetrain, steering and suspension, which have been designed in a modular way to allow them to be used in various vehicle configurations and variants.

Innovation AG/Jedrzej Stachura

Orlen to reveal the potential locations of small atom in Poland

Dawid Jackiewicz, CEO of Orlen Synthos Green Energy, revealed that a list of potential locations for small nuclear reactors in Poland will be presented in April. Orlen President Daniel Obajtek talked about as many as 78 units.

“In the coming days we will reveal potential locations of the nuclear power plant. As a country that does not have much experience in nuclear energy, we did not want to risk start-ups. We decided on Hitachi because it is a partner that will not fail at any stage, also when it comes to the supply chain. We chose a proven, low – cost and low-carbon technology,” revealed Dawid Jackiewicz in the context of the BWRX-300 technology from GE Hitachi, which will be used to build a small-scale atom in the USA and Canada, and in 2028, according to the declaration, in Poland. Jackiewicz also revealed that soon the State Atomic Energy Agency is to present a general assessment of the safety of SMR technology.

Wojciech Jakóbik/Jędrzej Stachura