Polish Briefing 27 September, 2017 9:00 am   
COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

Polish Briefing: Enea, Orlen, PGE, PGNiG and Tauron among 250 energy giants

What goes on in Poland on the 27th of September.

Estonian energy retail elephant with new deals in Polish market

Estonian state-owned energy company Eesti Energia has new deals on the Polish market. – In Poland you cannot compete with a lower price only, you also have to be innovative – said Eesti Energia CEO, Hando Sutter.

Eesti Energia under the brand Enefit will deliver gas to Łódź film and television factory Opus Film and electricity to a Warsaw motorization company.

– We should offer a new, innovative services. It is clear that energy companies must evolve, not to be only energy suppliers – said Sutter.

Eesti Energia is the biggest processor of self-mined shales in the world, both when it comes to depth or in queries – over 13 million tonnes a year. Estonians also started building a 470 MW bituminous shales power plant in Jordan.

PGNiG will decide on changing status concerning shares in state projects

PGNiG’s shareholders will decide on changing status of the company regarding „realization of strategic investment ventures or company’s part in investment ventures that could sustainably or transitionally worsen company’s economic activities, but necessary for ensuring Polish energy safety” –

PGNiG is present at the Warsaw stock since 2005. The group mines gas and oil within the country, imports gas to Poland, warehouses gas in underground gas warehouses, distributes gas fuels and manages domestic and foreign gas and oil deposits and geologic, geophysical and exploration services in Poland and abroad.

Enea, Orlen, PGE, PGNiG and Tauron among 250 energy giants

Gazprom is a leader in a world’s biggest energy company rank by S&P Global Platts for 2017. E.ON and Reliance Industries Ltd. were next on the podest. Surprisingly, American oil giant Exxon Mobil was out of the top three. What is worth noting, five Polish companies were also included in the rank.

PKN Orlen took the 43rd place, PGE was 85th, PGNiG – 86th, Enea – 214th, and Tauron – 236th place. PKN Orlen noted the biggest advancement compared with last year – 15 positions up.