Polish Briefing 23 November, 2017 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: EU ETS accepted. Poland abstained from voting

What goes on in Poland on the 23rd of November.

EU ETS accepted. Poland abstained from voting

EU ETS reform has been accepted by representatives of EU member states. Two years long negotiations in this issue finished on Wednesday. According to, Poland abstained from voting.

– I am proud to announce that EU member states have accepted the reform of EU ETS, after reaching an agreement with the European Parliament after long negotiations – announced Siim Kissler, Estonian minister of environment.

European Council and European Parliament reached an agreement on climate policy reform, focused on a change of EU ETS rules.

The European Commission informed in a communique that the agreement will help the EU fulfill its obligations coming from the Paris Agreement, that is greenhouse emissions reduction by 40 per cent until 2030.

Jastrzębski for „Rz”: Lotos is preparing for electromobility

Lotos is preparing to electromobility revolution – said Lotos CEO in an interview for „Rzeczpospolita” and stressed that company’s actions are concentrated not only on the area of equipment on petrol stations.

According to Jastrzębski, technological performance of electric cars are a barrier for their development, but as he stressed in the interview, the situation will certainly change  and that is why Lotos is leading research works in B&R area in many issues, crucial for electric cars market.

As Lotos CEO admitted in the interview that the present usage of company’s infrastructure for electric cars charting is weak, because it is used by two cars a week only. However, soon on 50 Lotos stations, new charging installations are going to appear, but Group’s plans in this area are much more ambitious.