Polish Briefing 6 October, 2017 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: European Parliament for a more ambitious climate policy. Zero emissions until 2050

What goes on in Poland on the 6th of October.

Nasalyk: Ukraine wants to be a gas hub for Southern Europe

Ukraine treats new gas interconnections with Poland as en element of building a new hub for supplying South Europe down to the Adriatic with gas. Government in Kiev has also plans to start exporting electric energy from its nuclear power plants to Europe – said the Ukrainian minister of energy Ihor Nasaryk.

The existing gas connection with Ukraine has a 1,5 billion cubic meters capacity in Ukraine’s direction. PGNiG uses it to sell gas to Ukrainian customers. New connection of 5-8 billion cubic meters a year in both directions should be ready in 2019 or 2020. On Polish side, the whole undertaking needs strengthening of its transit system, Ukrainian side needs to build a 100-kilometers-long pipeline that could reach Bilcze-Wołycia warehouses, able to store 17 billion cubic meters of gas.

Representatives of the Polish government, including Piotr Naimski have severally declared that building a transit road from the LNG terminal and Norwegian deposits to Ukraine has a prior meaning. – LNG terminal is basic for building new political constructions from America to Odessa – said Naimski last year.

Denmark can block or delay Nord Stream 2. The decision will be made in Autumn

In October, the Danish government will present legal regulations that will reinforce requirements for building new pipelines through Danish territorial sea. New law will oblige governmental agencies to rate new projects not only from environmental, but also political and security point of view. According to Danish media, new bill may interfere with plans for building Nord Stream 2.

Until now, the government evaluated applications for constructions on the bottom of the Baltic Sea only according to environmental law. Political and security assessments we not taken into consideration. This may change due to planned changes. Until now, the Danish Energy Agency treated applications as formal, administrative decisions only. New law will enable rejecting applications for building such investments like Nord Stream 2 through Danish territory if they are contradictory with the foreign and security policy of the Kingdom of Denmark.

European Parliament for a more ambitious climate policy. Zero emissions until 2050

The EU should have more ambitious climate goals; it must develop a „zero emissions” strategy until 2050 and and increase its 2030 emission goals – stressed the European Parliament in a resolution adopted on Wednesday in Strasbourg.

MEPs developed a document with regard to upcoming climate summit (COP23) which will take place from 6th to 17th November in Bonn. The resolution is an unbinding recommendation for EU institutions and member states for this meeting.

.- Sides of climate agreement will have to do more, not less. EU must also raise its ambitions – said  Kathleen Van Brempt vice-president of Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats.

Because all UN climate change convention participants must submit their long-term goals until 2020, MEPs also called the European Commission to present 2050 zero emissions plans until 2018. As the European Parliament stresses, the goal of a strategy should be keeping rise in temperature below 2 degrees Celsius and more efforts to for it not to cross 1,5 degrees.