Polish Briefing 5 April, 2018 9:00 am   
COMMENTS: Mateusz Gibała

Polish Briefing: Let’s make an energy transformation, or it will come itself

What goes on in Poland on the 5th of April.

Bukowski: Let’s make an energy transformation, or it will come itself

According to Maciej Bukowski from WISE, who took part in the EuroPower 2018 conference, Poland has no alternative to energy transformation.

Energetics are starting to see that energy transformation is taking place and there is no turning back. Poland must find an answer – said Dr. Maciej Bukowski from WISE. However, the transition will require time, especially for countries with large conventional energy. For this reason, Poland has allies in Bukowski’s opinion, but, as the expert points out, this alliance will not be eternal. – It can be a shock to the entire centralized sector – he warned. – We have to make a change and not wait.

– The state got into trouble and wants to get out of it now, but it does not know how – said the expert.

Tchórzewski: In 2023, imports of Russian gas to Poland will be at most 33 per cent of total

During the EuroPOWER2018 conference under the patronage of, the energy minister Krzysztof Tchórzewski spoke about the diversification of sources of supply.

– In order to ensure energy security, the Polish government consistently carries out activities aimed at independence from gas supplies from the east – reminded Krzysztof Tchórzewski. – We strive to ensure that imports from one source are not larger than 33 percent, which will become a fact in 2023 – he said.

He spoke about the Northern Gateway concept, which consists of the Baltic Pipe gas pipeline and a gas terminal in Świnoujście. – I am convinced that it will also be valid for recipients from other countries of the European Union and Ukraine. Taking care of our own safety, we support the security and solidarity of our neighbors – he said.