Polish Briefing 25 February, 2020 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: Gas will secure Polish offshore wind farms

What goes on in Poland on the 25th of Ferbruary.

Naimski: Gas will secure Polish offshore wind farms

Government Plenipotentiary for Strategic Energy Infrastructure Piotr Naimski discussed the role of gas in Polish energy transition. He noted that the government does not intend to increase its dependence on imported raw materials beyond necessity.

– Gas is important. It is considered in the European Union as a transitional fuel, but the transition from gas to the lack of fossil energy sources will be very long for rational and practical reasons. The infrastructure being built now will serve us for the next decades – he said at a press conference on the occasion of signing the contract for the expansion of the gas terminal with SCV regasifier. – Gas is needed as a raw material for electricity production, but we want to treat it regulatively. What does it mean? We focus on the development of Renewable Energy Sources (RES), mainly wind energy at sea, but energy from wind and solar panels must be secured in the form of power plants, preferably gas. They are easy to turn on and off to the system. The recently signed contract for the construction of two gas blocks in the Dolna Odra is a step in this direction. We will replace old, worn-out coal blocks with gas blocks, which will not only be cleaner, but will also serve as an element protecting the planned offshore wind farms.

– Gas in Poland is an imported raw material and of course in our strategy we assumed that we would free ourselves from the dependence and dictate of one Russian supplier and that we would have this gas from the Middle East, the USA and the Norwegian shelf, we will be completely safe, but it is still imported raw material . Therefore, we will try not to switch all energy in Poland to imported gas. We will have renewable energy and we will build the nuclear energy sector. This is our plan and we need 20 years to implement it – Naimski concluded.