Polish Briefing 27 November, 2017 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: Gaz-System investments are a priority within the EU

What goes on in Poland on the 27th of November.

Gaz-System investments are a priority within the EU

On the 24th of November, the European Commission published the third list of European projects in the gas sector with the PCI (Project of Common Interest) status.

– PCI status confirms that Gaz-System’s projects fulfill the energy security policy, led by the Polish government and they are complimentary with the EU policy. The success of Gaz-System is even more crucial, taking under consideration a limited amount of gas projects on the next lists – said Tomasz Stępień, Gaz-System CEO.

Gaz-System investment projects have been subjected to an analyses, and then they received priority status in two regional gas initiatives:

Plan for activities for inter systemic connections on energy markets in the Baltic states for gas (Batlic Pipe, extension of LNG terminal in Świnoujśie and inter systemic connection between Poland and Lithuania (GIPL)) and inter systemic gas connection North-South in Central and Eastern Europe (gas connection between Poland and Slovakia and Poland and Czech Republic)

European Commission: Energy Union is doing well. It is time to mobilize the society

According to the third report on the state of energy union, a low-emission society is becoming a new reality in the EU – informs the European Commission in a communique.

Thanks to progress made in 2017, the EU is on a good way for realization of the energy union project that will create new jobs, increase the economic growth and investments.

„Now it is time to mobilize the society: citizens, city councils, rural administrations, companies, academics and social partners for taking the full responsibility for energy union, and even developing it and act actively for developing new solutions for the future” – we read in the communique.