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Polish Briefing: Japan wants closer ties with Poland I Another gas pipe in construction

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What goes in Poland on 23rd of March.

Japan wants to broaden cooperation with Poland

Japan wants to develop cooperation with Poland in new areas. The country’s PM Fumio Kishida has announced Tokyo wants to work with Warsaw on high-temperature reactors cooled with gas, clean coal and hydrogen technologies.

Japan is committed to widen cooperation with Poland, the Visegrad Group, the Three Seas Initiative and the Bucharest Nine. “In view of the growing burden on Poland due to Russia’s prolonged aggression in Ukraine, […] we have decided to treat Poland specifically as a recipient of official development aid, ” Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said at a meeting with Mateusz Morawiecki in Warsaw on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Kishida visited Kyiv, where he declared the solidarity of Japan and the G7 with Ukraine. “As this year’s G7 President, we will continue to work with Poland and the entire international community to support Ukraine,” he stressed.

Currently, more than 350 Japanese companies operate in Poland, mainly in the manufacturing sector. The Japanese Prime Minister said his country wanted to focus on developing cooperation on high-temperature gas-cooled reactors, clean coal and hydrogen technologies.

Ostrołęka power plant to be connected to the Poland-Lithuania gas pipeline

The construction of a gas connection for the gas-fired unit at the Ostrołęka power plant has started.

The unit at the Ostrołęka power plant will have a capacity of about 750 MW. The 28-kilometer pipeline, which runs through five municipalities in Podlaskie voivodship and Mazovia, is expected to be completed by the end of the second quarter of 2024.

The new gas pipeline will connect the Ostrołęka Power Plant’s gas-fired unit with the Poland-Lithuania interconnector, which will supply it with natural gas.