Polish Briefing 8 November, 2021 12:00 pm   
Editorial staff

Polish Briefing: Koreans challenge Americans in the race for Poland’s atomic deal | Poland made an offer to Czech Republic regarding the Turów Mine


What goes on in Poland on the 8th of November.

Koreans challenge the US in the race for nuclear power in Poland

The Korean concern KHNP met with journalists in Warsaw to challenge the Americans from Westinghouse in the race for a nuclear power contract in Poland. The Koreans have made the case for their technology promising, among other things, a price lower by 30 percent. In 2022 Poland should choose who will build its first nuclear reactor by 2033.

“Yesterday Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki met with the President of South Korea during the summit of the Visegrad Group. The Polish nuclear program was also discussed. The Korean government is interested in supporting our efforts. Today there was a meeting between the Korean Minister of Energy, Minister Piotr Naimski, as well as the Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment,” the President of the KHNP said. “At the meeting, there were questions about the project implementation and participation of local subcontractors, as well as project financing. Earlier, the Korean government also assured that it fully supported the KHNP in its efforts to build a Polish nuclear project,” he added.

“It is not true what Westinghouse says that we must get US and Westinghouse approval to export nuclear technology outside of Korea. 50 years ago, we used American technologies to build our nuclear energy. At that time, there were two issues: limited exports and technology transfer,” explained the president of KHNP Jaehoon Chung. “In the case of the United Arab Emirates, due to the lack of nuclear cooperation agreements with the US, additional approvals were required. In the case of Poland, which has a signed nuclear cooperation agreement with the Americans, no additional action is required,” he ensured.

Poland made an offer to Czech Republic regarding the Turów Mine

The climate ministry reports that Poland provided the Czechs with an offer for a settlement regarding the Turów Mine. “We need time until Monday,” says Minister Anna Moskwa.
The meeting on Turów was held on November 5 in Prague. “From the very beginning, the Polish government placed the interests of local communities first. The offer that was submitted to the Czech side is the best proof of the goodwill of the Polish side. It protects and secures the current and future interests of the inhabitants of Polish and Czech border regions, including the Liberec Region, adjacent to the areas of KWB Turów,” reports the Ministry of Climate.

“We need until Monday. The dialogue is good, but we have to agree on the details and then we will come back to you with the final message,” said Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moskwa.