Alerts Polish Briefing 21 April, 2021 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: More decarbonization? More funds | How to make Nord Stream 2 less harmful


What goes in Poland on 21st of April?

PKEE: More decarbonization? More funds

– With CO2 prices rising dramatically, the energy price for end consumers will rise further. We need to ask ourselves in light of just transition idea if decarbonization should be realized on the shoulders of most vulnerable consumers – Tauron CEO Paweł Strączyński said during Politico event.

He was speaking in the name of Polish Electricity Association (PKEE). PKEE assumes that EU Modernisation Fund inside EU Emission Trading Scheme should be increased proportionally to increased climate goals.


PISM: How to make Nord Stream 2 less harmful

Polish Institute for Foreign Affairs (PISM) presented an analysis on how Poland and Germany could make Nord Stream 2 project less harmful for European Union and NATO

  1. It should be widely consulted inside EU and NATO
  2. Nord Stream 2 should work according to EU law like gas directive
  3. EU and NATO need a common Russia strategy
  4. The West should be ready to increase sanctions
  5. EU needs to further decrease reliance on Russian gas supplies
  6. EU needs to cooperate with Ukraine


Wojciech Jakóbik