Polish Briefing 22 July, 2022 7:30 am   

Polish Briefing: MPs together for nuclear power at the Sejm | The Polish Power System is stable


What goes on in Poland on the 22nd of July.

MPs together for the nuclear at the Sejm

During the sitting of the Sejm’s Committee on the European Union, the MPs discussed Germany’s departure from nuclear power, which is being challenged by Poland due to the energy crisis fuelled by Russia. The MPs and representatives of the government agreed that it was necessary to support the renaissance of nuclear power.

Germany’s nuclear power capacity was once 24.9 GW. By 2021, 20.9 GW has been shut down. There are 9 GW worth of active nuclear power units left, the last three facilities providing 12 percent of Germany’s electricity. “If these blocks were not turned off, the CO2 reduction in Germany would be higher by 30 percent. These are estimates, of course. The closure of three blocks in 2021 resulted in an increase in emissions by 4.5 percent,” spelled out the Deputy Minister of Climate Piotr Dziadzio in the Polish Parliament.

“It is likely that the last nuclear plants will be shut down, because that’s the thinking of German politicians and society, which believe that only renewable energy should be used and can power the economy. We assume these blocks will be closed. The missing capacity is being replaced with lignite and hard coal,” Dziadzio explained. “We, as the Republic of Poland, are focused on achieving our own nuclear ambitions. The first nuclear units are planned in 2033 and we plan to have 6-9 GW of power installed in 2043,” revealed the Deputy Minister in response to the demand put forward by the Together party to convince Germany to lease Poland its nuclear power plants, so that they are not closed.

PSE: The Polish Power System is stable

Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne (PSE, Polish grid operator – ed.) has informed that the National Power System (KSE) was stable and there should be no balance problems in the coming days.

– The National Power System is stable, and an adequate reserve is also maintained in generating units. PSE is monitoring the operation of the KSE on an ongoing basis, and according to current analyzes, no balancing problems should occur in the coming days, PSE reported on Twitter.