Polish Briefing 2 October, 2017 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: Nord Stream 2 already obstructs development of LNG deliveries

What goes on in Poland on the 2nd of October.

PGNiG is preparing itself for winter. It wants to double gas sales to Ukraine

PGNiG starts gathering gas reserves for winter in October. It also wants to double gas sales to Ukraine.

– It is already the end of gas injecting, things go along with the schedule. In October as heating season starts, we will be using gas gathered in our magazines. 3 billion cubic meters of gas have been gathered around the country – said PGNiG vice-president Maciej Woźniak.

– We also want to sell 700 up to 800 million cubic meters of gas until the end of the year – he said. Woźniak added that Ukrainian partners are reliable, they fulfill their duties and their payments are punctual.

Poland initiated talks on synchronization of Balts with the rest of Europe

Talks on technical conditions of synchronizing Baltic states with continental Europe have been initiated – informed Polish Energy Network in an announcement.

Representatives of four transmission network operators (PSE, Litgrid, AST and Elering) met on Friday, September 29th in Polish Energy Network settlement in Konstancin-Jeziorna to take up the project linked to a dynamic study that will help define technical conditions of synchronizing the Baltic States with continental Europe.

Outcomes of researches and analyses are expected to be presented on Spring 2018.

Kurtyka: Nord Stream 2 already obstructs development of LNG deliveries 

New German government, without social democrats, may correct its statement towards Nord Stream 2 – expects vice-minister of energy Michał Kurtyka in an interview with Politico. However, he added that it will depend on Germany only. He announced that Poland is preparing legal analyses that are supposed to strengthen Warsaw’s reasoning in an argument of the controversial pipeline that is supposed to be built on the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

Kurtyka said that Poland wants the European Commission’s negotiation mandate to include a clause that „Nord Stream 2 should be fully in accordance with the third energy packet”. Vice-Minister also stressed that the perspective of launching Nord Stream 2 already causes obstructions for LNG suppliers.