Polish Briefing 29 November, 2021 12:00 pm   

Polish Briefing: Nord Stream 2 is Merkel’s biggest mistake, says Tusk | Poland will promote nuclear energy in Paris


What goes on in Poland on the 29th of November.

Tusk: Nord Stream 2 is Merkel’s biggest mistake

“Nord Stream 2 is the biggest mistake of Angela Merkel, who was helpless in the face of the lobbying force of German businesses,” said the leader of the Civic Platform Donald Tusk during a conference in Gdańsk.

Tusk pointed out that from the point of view of the interests of the European Union, Nord Stream 2 is a bad project. He added that Angela Merkel was helpless in the face of the lobbying force of domestic businesses. “She admitted this during one of our conversations,” he said.

According to Tusk, the continued readiness of the Germans to cooperate in the energy sector with Russia may be detrimental to them. “I have done my best to make the EU independent of gas supplies from Russia, incl. by establishing an energy union, i.e. a Community gas purchase mechanism,” Poland’s former prime minister recalled.

He stressed that many member states were not interested in “creating joint resistance to the construction of Nord Stream 2”. “Among the countries that did not mind the project were, among others the Netherlands, Austria and Hungary, and the Czech Republic emphasized neutrality,” said Donald Tusk.

Poland will promote nuclear energy during the World Nuclear Exhibition 2021 in Paris

From November 30 to December 2, 2021, the Ministry of Climate and Environment in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Paris will organize a nuclear mission to France on the occasion of the World Nuclear Exhibition 2021. It is the largest Polish economic mission to France in over a decade.

The aim of the project is to promote the Polish nuclear industry in France and in third countries. The World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris is the largest of its kind in the world and attracts players from all over the globe. The current fourth edition of this fair will attract nearly 18,000 visitors and 700 exhibitors from all over the world.

The World Nuclear Exhibition 2021 is one of the largest missions of Polish companies for over a decade, and one of the largest Polish nuclear missions. About 80 people from 30 entities will take part in the event.