Polish Briefing 23 May, 2019 9:00 am   
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Polish Briefing: Offshore can connect Poland and Sweden within the Energy Union

What goes on in Poland on the 23rd of May.

Gullgren: Offshore can connect Poland and Sweden within the Energy Union

– Swedish companies are analyzing the potential of renewable energy in Poland. Offshore has a great potential due to its location on the Baltic Sea. Poland depends on coal, more or less the same as Sweden from oil 30 – 40 years ago. Offshore is a logical solution. Wind investment is repaid quickly – said Stefan Gullgren, Ambassador of Sweden to Poland during the Baltic Wind Industry Forum.

Sweden wants to meet European climate policy goals. The social awareness of climate changes in Sweden is very high. If we want to be competitive, the economy of Sweden or Europe must raise energy efficiency and achieve climate policy goals. In Sweden, we reduced CO2 emissions by 25 percent in 30 years, and we use the same amount of energy as we did back then while dynamically developing, said Stefan Gullgren.

He reminded that in the 1970s, in the period of the oil crisis in Sweden, his country was dependent in 2/3 on the import of fossil fuels and then invested in its own sources and increased energy efficiency. He added that as a result of the actions taken, 70 percent of the produced heat comes from domestic sources, and in case of electricity it is about 60 percent. – Most are sources come from hydropower, and 10 percent from wind. The share of this source in the next few years will increase to 25 percent. We will also develop photovoltaics. The level of insolation in Sweden is similar to the level that Germany has – he added.

– Sweden is a large country, but relatively sparsely populated. All wind investments were carried out on land. However, due to the falling costs of offshore wind energy, and its the growing competitiveness, companies are going to invest in the Baltic – he added.

He reminded that until 2040 Sweden wants to produce 100 percent of electricity from RES. – Demand for energy will grow, because the transport sector will choose electric vehicles, giving up fossil fuels – he said.

He stressed that for Poland to be able to develop offshore effectively, it would have to build a larger number of interconnectors. – It’s a logical step. Offshore will build the Energy Union thanks to the cooperation of our companies, which will increase their competitiveness in Poland – he concluded.