Polish Briefing 17 February, 2023 7:30 am   
COMMENTS: Joanna Słowińska

Polish Briefing: PM to throw money at Krabs I NPP owner inks deal with Poland’s top tech school

aguz_konf_07162019_04 Prime Minister Morawiecki at HSW. Picture by Prime Minister of Poland

What goes on in Poland on the 17th of February.

PM promises to recapitalize Krab gun-howitzers

During a visit to Stalowa Wola, the PM announced a decision to recapitalize Huta Stalowa Wola to the tune of PLN 1.8 billion.

The recapitalisation will take place in two tranches. The first will amount to PLN 0.6 billion and will be granted to the entire Huta Stalowa Wola (HSW) consortium, i.e. Huta, the Jelcz company that manufactures trucks, and Autosan, which is to produce armored vehicles Waran and self-propelled tank destroyers mounted on a chasis whose code name is Ottokar-Brzoza.

The second tranche of PLN 1.2 billion is to be transferred at a later date. The money will be used to increase the production rate of HSW’s flagship products, i.e. the Krab gun-howitzers, the Rak self-propelled wheeled gun-mortar, or the Borsuk infantry fighting vehicle, which in the coming years is to be added to the Polish Army’s equipment.

Huta Stalowa Wola has recently purchased more than 30 hectares of land to expand the plant. As a result, new factories will be built. According to the Prime Minister, HSW will be able to annually produce 50 AHS Krabs and even more than 100 BWP Borsuk.

The Ministry of Defense was criticized when it decided to place an order for 212 AHS K9s in South Korea, instead of increasing investments in HSW in order to accelerate the pace of deliveries of the Polish Krab, which proved successful during the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Polish Nuclear Power Plants and Poland’s top tech school sign a cooperation deal

Polish Nuclear Power Plants (PEJ) and the AGH University of Science and Technology (the AGH UST) in Kraków have signed a cooperation agreement for the development of the nuclear industry. The aim of the agreement is to train the personnel necessary for operating NPPs in Poland.

The purpose of the agreement between PEJ and AGH is to train the personnel necessary for the development of nuclear energy in Poland. The scope of the agreement includes cooperation in the development of nuclear technologies and other technologies applicable to the nuclear industry, as well as activities supporting the development of nuclear energy in Poland.

As part of the cooperation, the PEJ will prepare and conduct selected educational activities and make recommendations on the content of courses. Best students will also have a chance to win paid internships.

PEJ is the company responsible for the construction and operation of the first nuclear power plant in Poland with a capacity of up to 3750 MW, which will use AP 1000 reactors from the American Westinghouse. It will be established in Pomerania, and is currently in the process of obtaining administrative approvals, including the so-called environmental procedure at national and cross-border level.