Polish Briefing 13 April, 2022 7:30 am   

Polish Briefing: Poland and Denmark reaffirm cooperation on RES energy and heating | ZE PAK wants to take part in six offshore proceedings

WhatsApp-Image-2019-12-15-at-15.51.295-590×2000 Offshore wind farms. Photo:

What goes on in Poland on the 13th of April.

Poland and Denmark want to continue to cooperate in RES energy and heating

Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moskwa met with the ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark to Poland. The main topics of the talks were energy security and cooperation in the development of renewable energy and heating.
During the meeting, Minister Anna Moskwa emphasized that Denmark is Poland’s key partner in energy cooperation, both in the bilateral and regional dimension. “We note with satisfaction the very good condition of bilateral energy relations between Denmark and Poland. We appreciate Denmark’s commitment to building our country’s low-carbon economy,” she said.

“Denmark is a stable and reliable partner in increasing the energy security not only of Poland, but also of the wider Central European region. In addition to the security of gas supplies, cooperation with Denmark makes a significant contribution to the Polish climate transformation and the modernization of our energy system,” she emphasized.

ZE PAK wants to take part in six offshore proceedings

“ZE PAK wants to submit location applications with Orsted in all six second-round procedures for permits for artificial islands for the construction of offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea,” said ZE PAK President Piotr Woźny in an interview with ISBnews.

“We established six special purpose vehicles and we submit applications in all [six] competitions. We will see what the results of the proceedings will be. From our point of view, one location would be a very good result,” Woźny said in an interview with ISBnews.

He emphasized that the construction of offshore wind farms was a complicated and long-lasting process, therefore electricity from projects, the locations of which are now being requested by ZE PAK, will not be available until 2028.